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How to Avoid a Traffic Stop

You Can Prevent a Missouri Arrest!

Most of us have been stopped by the police at one time or another. While a traffic stop usually results in a warning or a ticket, it can often lead to an arrest. As former police officers, we can tell you traffic stops account for the majority of the activity a typical patrol officer does in any given day with good reason: traffic stops lead to arrests. So do yourself a favor and put the odds back in your favor by avoiding a traffic stop in the first place.

Here's how:

1. Obey Traffic Laws
Seems simple right? It isn't for most people. Most people do not adhere to traffic laws because we are lazy, we forget or we just zone out as we drive the same stretch repeatedly. Pay attention to how you drive today. Did you use your blinker every time? Did you yield appropriately? Did you change lanes just prior to or in the middle of an intersection? There are many traffic laws well beyond speeding and turn signals. Learn them. Obey them. Traffic violations are sure to get you the wrong kind of attention.

2. Forget Aftermarket Products
Speaking of attention, most aftermarket automobile products appeal to people as a means of customizing their vehicle or expressing their personality. Fact is most aftermarket products are in direct conflict with vehicle safety laws. For example, most states have laws that prohibit emitting a light to the rear of a vehicle unless it meets specific conditions. Vanity Lights around license plates, bumpers, windows and such are illegal. Tinted windows are against the law in many states or must meet a specific threshold of transparency. Leave the gimmicks on the shelves.

3. Inspect Your Vehicle Regularly
When was the last time you walked completely around your car? I bet it has been a while...if ever. Keeping your car in good order is one of the best things you can do to avoid a traffic stop and improve your safety. Specifically, you should ensure your headlights are functioning properly, all the tail lights illuminate properly, doors and trunk secure properly and you don't have any potential safety problems such as an unsecured load or loose vehicle body parts.

4. Keep Politics At Home
While expressing your political views is not against the law and does not create probable cause, it certainly can contribute to the likelihood you'll be pulled over with the right...ahem...wrong political expression. For example, displaying a bumper sticker about legalizing marijuana might get you more attention than you want. Pick your battles; besides, no one ever changed their mind based on a bumper sticker.

5. Wear Your Seatbelt
All States have laws that mandate the use of seatbelts by everyone in the vehicle. Many states are modifying existing seat belt laws to allow failure to use a seat belt as probable cause. In this age of information, anyone with internet access can see the images of horrific accidents where the occupants survived or even walked away from the crash. How? Yep...seat belts. Not wearing your seatbelt isn't seen as "cool", even by teenagers today. It is seen as stupid. Be smart.

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