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Misdiagnosed Heart Attack in St. Louis

Your Health Is Too Important to Mess Around With

The words "heart attack" strike fear in most people, yet many people who suffer a heart attack survive with proper medical treatment. Heart attack (also known as myocardial infarction) is a condition that is often misdiagnosed due, in part, to a variety of symptoms. Heart attack misdiagnosis is often diagnosed as simple heartburn, a panic attack, or some other non-life-threatening ailment. The earlier a person suffering from a myocardial infarction receives proper treatment, the better the chances they have of surviving.

When someone goes to the emergency room or to their doctor with the symptoms of a heart attack, the medical professional has the responsibility to provide them with the high standard of care they are entitled to. Your life is too important. If you have suffered based on the misdiagnosis of a doctor, contact the St. Louis medical malpractice lawyers at Millikan Wright, LLC. Our firm has over 50 years of experience fighting for the rights of the injured, and may be able to help you!

What Are Myocardial Infarction Symptoms?

Below is a list of symptoms as described by the American Heart Association to indicate a heart attack. It is important to note however, it is not necessary for an individual suffering from a myocardial infarction to experience all these symptoms at one time. It could be a combination of a few of these symptoms:

  • Heart angina, characterized by an uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing or pain in the center of the chest lasting more than a few minutes.
  • Pain radiating down the shoulders, neck or arms. The pain threshold may range from mild to intense, and could feel like pressure, tightness, or a heavy weight. It could involve the chest, upper abdomen, neck, jaw, or inside the arms or shoulders.
  • Lightheadedness, fainting, sweating, nausea or shortness of breath.
  • Cold sweat.
  • Pale skin color. Your skin tone may be characterized as ashen.
  • Increased or irregular heart rate.
  • Feeling of overwhelming fear or impending doom.

Diagnosing a Myocardial Infarction

If you suffer any of the above symptoms and are in the emergency room seeking treatment, there are several things a doctor must do to diagnose a heart attack. Your complete medical history must be reviewed to ascertain what risk factors you may have for this condition: family history, obesity, smoking, drug use, sedentary lifestyle, previous history, etc. In addition, a physical examination must be conducted, an electrocardiogram (EKG) will be used to check for any abnormalities or heart damage that may be present and a blood test will be conducted to check the enzyme levels in your blood.

If the attending physician or triage nurse fails to recognize the severity of your condition and call for the proper tests expediently, it may lead to delayed or worse yet, incorrect treatment of your condition. Any delay could result in worsening damage or an escalation.

During these difficult times, Millikan Wright, LLC has your back. We offer you the specialized care and attention you need during this time and stop at nothing to obtain the most favorable possible outcome for your case. Learn why we are St. Louis’s trusted law firm in a free consultation with our team!

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