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Possession with Intent to Distribute

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2007 there were over 1.5 million arrests for drug possession, and over 300,000 for the sale and/or manufacture of drugs. Based on these numbers, you can see the importance placed on drug arrests by the law.

A possession with intent to distribute charge asserts that there is enough evidence found to link you to the distribution or sale of drugs. Some of the evidence that may lead to this charge include: a large quantity of drugs and/or cash, and the evidence of baggies or scales. Also different from a "simple" possession charge, a possession with intent to distribute charge is considered a serious crime and comes with significant prison time, and the possible forfeiture of your home, car, and finances.

With a charge of this nature, it is the burden of the prosecutor to prove based on the available evidence that your intent was to distribute. Therefore the prosecution's case hinges solely on the strength of the available evidence. Other than the physical evidence mentioned above, some of the other things the prosecutor may use for his/her case include the location in which the arrest occurred. Could the area where the arrest occurred be considered one frequented by those looking to sell or purchase drugs? The prosecution may also use the testimony of experts in the drug trade who can testify to whether the accused was behaving in a manner consistent with someone who intends to distribute.

There are many ways to defend a charge of this nature. One of the most common defenses deals with the search of the accused, and the seizure of drugs and drug distribution paraphernalia. If it can be proven that the police conducted an unlawful search or unlawful seizure of your property, it is possible to have these charges dismissed.

Our drug crimes lawyers will vigorously and aggressively defend you against the prosecution's drug charges. Our experience as former St. Louis City police officers and a former assistant prosecuting attorney in St. Louis County, Missouri provides us with a unique advantage in defending our clients.

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