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Expunging DWI Records

We had several people call our office today inquiring whether the records generated in connection with their DWI arrests in Missouri can be removed or expunged.

Missouri law provides for expungment of a first DWI offense if, after ten years, the person who has pleaded guilty or has been convicted of a first alcohol related traffic offense and who has not been convicted of any other alcohol-related driving offense since the date of the first convicionn or finding of guilt may apply to the court in which he or she pled guilty or was convicted.

If the court orders expungment of the records, it will remove all records of the arrest, plea, or conviction from the person’s record as to the criminal case. Note that the Missouri Department of Revenue, the custodian of all Missouri driving records, is allowed to mainain records to ensure that no one receives more than one expungment.

For more informatiion about expunging a DWI, check out our firm's FAQ page, our blog on amending a DWI to a lesser offense, or call our firm directly!

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