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Protect Yourself with Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Have you been involved in an auto accident in Missouri? If so, hopefully the party at fault had enough insurance coverage to pay for the damage to your car, your medical treatment, and damages for your pain and suffering. In today's world, all too often this is not the case and people drive around with minimum insurance coverage or no coverage at all.

In accordance with Missouri law, a driver is only required to have a $25,000 policy. However, in serious accident situations, this minimum will not cover an injured individual's medical bills.

For example, our law firm represented a family of six individuals who were all injured in an auto accident while driving home from school in their minivan. The person who hit them had a $25,000 minimum coverage policy and no assets personally. Our clients' medical totaled well over $75,000. Consequently, the policy limit had to be divided up between the six family members and they were each only able to pay off a portion of their medical bills.

Like many people, our clients in the case mentioned above did not know that they had the choice to purchase underinsured motorist coverage (UIM coverage). UIM coverage is not required in Missouri and not all insurance agents inform their clients about it. This coverage applies when the person that hit you, the tortfeasor, has insurance but it is not enough to cover the claim of damages.

If you have UIM coverage and are involved in an accident, it would be wise to consult with an attorney before settling with an insurance company. There are certain rules and requirements you must follow in order to recover under UIM coverage. If you are in need of a lawyer to pursue such a claim, contact the injury attorneys at Millikan Wright, LLC for a free consultation.

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