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5 Ways to Challenge a DWI

How to Beat a DWIIn 2013, over 34,000 people were arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicate (DWI) in Missouri. In addition, 7,000 of those 34,000 were either placed on probation, parole or received prison time after being arrested. A DWI arrest can have serious and life-changing consequences. However, not all DWI arrests are done properly by police.

Please see the 5 Ways to Challenge a DWI below and click on the infographic to the right for more information:

1. Inaccurate Field Sobriety Test

2. Illegal Stop

3. Failure To Conduct Observation Period

4. Failure To Issue Miranda Rights & Implied Consent Warnings

5. Blood Test Inaccuracy

If you have been arrested for DWI in Missouri or Illinois, make sure to contact Millikan Wright, LLC for a proven DWI attorney. We have a former police officer and a former prosecuting attorney on staff to help defend you. To learn more about how to beat a DWI in Missouri, please click here.

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