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Do I Need An Attorney In A Criminal Defense Case?

Whenever you have been accused of a crime, no matter how large or how small, you will have the opportunity to represent yourself in court. The purpose of court is being able to explain your side of the story and provide evidence to a judge and jury that will prove your innocence. However, self-representation in court is extremely difficult, and it is estimated that less than 1% of all suspects in criminal cases choose to represent themselves. When you are facing prison or jail time in connection with these accusations, it is important that you take every possible step to protect your freedoms. In most instances, this will involve retaining the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Why should I hire a lawyer?

Many people wonder why attorneys are even necessary. In fact, popular representations of lawyers are not very friendly, and rarely do they highlight many of the crucial functions served by lawyers. Much of what defense attorneys do spans simply speaking with witnesses or knowing the nuances of the law- it involves navigating the complex terrain of the legal system as a whole.

Some of reasons a criminal defense attorney is important includes:

  • Hiring, retaining, and managing experts and investigators
  • Negotiating deals with the prosecution
  • Gathering information from the prosecution’s witnesses
  • Developing sentencing agreements catered to your needs
  • Familiarity with local courtroom procedures and customs
  • Understanding statutes, codes, and interpretations of the law
  • Acting as a resource to cope with feelings of fear and anxiety
  • Serving a reality check for clients and managing expectations

Self-representation in criminal cases is made difficult primarily due to the wide divide between the law as written on paper and the actual practice involved in criminal defense. Anyone can read books on the law, the courtroom, trials, and punishments, but much of what is practiced by lawyers is the nuances not taught in a book that can drastically change the outcome of the case. Two examples of this is the type of prosecutor assigned to the case and how their individual decisions can make a difference, and the large role that the community and public opinion can play on the judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement overseeing the trial. While the criminal defense proves is intended to be unbiased, there are multiple avenues where personal feelings can cloud the outcome of a case.

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