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St. Louis Criminal Defense Lawyers

Have you been arrested for a crime in Missouri?

If you or someone you know is facing criminal allegations in St. Louis, we strongly advise you to secure our representation immediately. Do not wait for your charges to blow over and do not assume that your arrest will result in an automatic conviction. Securing the right legal assistance may make all of the difference in the outcome of your criminal matter and help you see a brighter future.

At Millikan Wright, LLC, your interests will be fully represented without compromise. When you secure our representation, you will receive exceptional and personalized attention and honest guidance every step of the way. Whether you are being charged for a misdemeanor or felony, you can be confident in our zealous advocacy. St. Louis criminal cases we handle include:

When you need dedicated legal defense, no case is too big or too small. Retain trusted St. Louis criminal defense by contacting the attorneys at Millikan Wright, LLC and take the first step in your important legal defense.

Why You Should Choose Millikan Wright, LLC

We boast in the talented attorneys and legal professionals at our firm who have been defending the rights of the accused for more than 50 years combined. Our St. Louis criminal defense attorneys are well positioned to efficiently handle your needs and achieve your goals next. After being arrested for a crime, it is common to face many questions and concerns. It is imperative that you do not act on your anxiety, fear and emotions.

We can build your personalized and creative defense strategy after we complete the following steps:

  • Perform a complete and thorough investigation of your case
  • Review records of the incident and surveillance cameras
  • Interview all parties involved in the criminal matter
  • Collect witnesses who are willing and prepared to testify in your favor

Take the proper steps towards the retention of our firm. Upon securing our representation, a legal professional can review your case and offer you honest and realistic guidance. We will fully educate you about the laws concerning your criminal offense and inform you of your rights and legal options so that you can enter the courtroom with realistic expectations. Do not risk having your rights taken advantage of by facing the legal system alone. Work with our firm and make informed decisions along the way.

Contact Missouri Criminal Defense Attorneys & Work to Avoid Strict Penalties

If convicted, the penalties that you may face will be life altering and severe. Your permanent criminal record will impact your ability to receive loans, apply for housing and enroll in educational programs. Above all else, the public stain on your record will make it difficult and nearly impossible to secure employment. Do not limit your future opportunities. From traffic violations to possession of illegal drugs - we are qualified to handle your case regardless of the circumstances.

Contact our firm to find out how we can help you. We are prepared to offer you the efficient advocacy you need during this time. Do not hesitate to schedule your free case evaluation today!

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