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DWI Penalties in Missouri

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There are significant penalties that may apply when you have been arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated in St. Louis, and these penalties will only increase if you have had more than one DWI conviction or if you happened to have a child in the car or were involved in an accident at the time. Remember that you are not alone when you have been accused of DWI. An experienced attorney at Millikan Wright, LLC is here for you during this stressful time.

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What penalties am I facing for a DWI in Missouri?

The consequences of a DWI depends on a number of additional factors, but there are some things like will likely apply to each and every person that is facing a conviction.

Criminal and Administrative DWI penalties in St. Louis include:

  • Mandatory alcohol education and treatment/assessment (SATOP)
  • Administrative license suspension/revocation
  • Probation
  • Possibility of jail time
  • Possible vehicle confiscation in limited circumstances
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device

You must act quickly if you have been arrested for DWI in St. Louis. If you do not appeal the administrative suspension within 15 days of your arrest, your driver’s license will be suspended or revoked. If that happens, you will not be able to appeal the suspension or revocation. This suspension can occur no matter what the criminal outcome of your case may be. This means that your license may be suspended even if you are found to be innocent of the DWI charges that have been leveled against you.

Your license will be suspended by the DMV if:

  • ​You refused to allow your blood, breath, or urine to be tested to determine your alcohol concentration after you were arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated (DWI)
  • Your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was measured at .08% or higher (the legal limit is .02% or higher if you are under 21 years old)
  • You did not challenge the suspension within 15 days of being arrested for driving while intoxicated

To ensure that you are able to maintain your driving privileges and prevent a DWI conviction from negatively affecting your record, you must work with an experienced DWI defense attorney. At Millikan Wright, LLC, our attorneys pride themselves on tirelessly working on behalf of their client’s interests. We believe that you should not experience a lifetime of negative repercussions for one mistake, and use every tool in our arsenal to prevent this from occurring.

What is the Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program?

SATOP is an abbreviation for Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program. The State of Missouri mandates successful completion of this program in order to have a driver´s license reinstated. The purpose of SATOP is to inform drivers of the hazards associated with impaired driving and promote safe driving throughout Missouri.

Participation in SATOP is required as a result of:

  • Administrative Suspension of driver´s license for DWI
  • Condition of Plea Bargain or Probation
  • Court Order
  • Revocation of driver´s license for DWI

SATOP in St. Louis has two distinct stages: the assessment and the program. The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate the driver´s use of alcohol or drugs while driving. Based on this assessment, the driver will be assigned to one of six SATOP programs. While SATOP is required, it also costs significant money that must be paid by you.

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