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Limited Driving Privilege in Missouri

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A limited driving privilege (LDP) license is sometimes referred to as a "hardship" license. Essentially, this type of license is granted to someone whose driver's license has been suspended or revoked. At Millikan Wright, LLC, we understand how important driving is to your job, family and your livelihood, which is why our attorneys will work with you to negotiate a limited driving privilege ordered by the court. Being granted a LDP means the driver is allowed to operate a vehicle under a number of restrictive conditions. In some circumstances you may even qualify for an expanded limited driving privilege.

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Do I qualify for a limited driving privilege?

A court shall grant the LDP if the applicant:

  • is otherwise eligible
  • has filed proof of ignition interlock installation
  • has no “alcohol related enforcement contacts” as defined in Section 302.525.3 RSMo since the
  • last conviction that triggered the denial
  • the court makes a finding that the applicant’s habits and conduct show they no longer pose a threat
  • to the public safety
Many people do not qualify for a limited driving privilege for a multitude of reasons. The following are the most common conditions that prevent someone from obtaining a LDP.

Reasons Limited Driving Privilege (LDP) Is Denied:

  1. You do not have a Missouri Driver's License.
  2. You did not have an IID (Ignition Interlock Device) installed after a chemical refusal test.
  3. You have a conviction for a felony involving the use of a motor vehicle.
  4. You have a conviction for leaving the scene of an accident.
  5. You have a disqualification of commercial driving privileges.
  6. You have a conviction for driving a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or controlled substances.
  7. You have a revocation for failure to pass a Department of Revenue driving or medical examination.
  8. You have a suspension for an unsatisfied motor vehicle accident judgment.
  9. You have a suspension for failure to pay ticket(s) in Missouri or in another state.

What can I expect from a LDP license?

Effective July 5, 2013, the law in Missouri on limited driving privileges (LDPs) changed. An overview of Section 302.309 RSMo and the changes therein:

  • Removes the 5-year limitation on LDP issuance
  • Offenders are now eligible for an LDP on an administrative alcohol revocation after the 45 day “hard walk” if an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installed
  • Offenders are now eligible for an LDP on a second or subsequent chemical refusal revocation, after serving an initial 90-day “hard walk” suspension
  • It eliminates the “two-Refusal” ineligibility for other LDP applicants
  • Ignition interlock device (IID) is now required for first chemical refusal LDPs.

For five and ten year license denials, Section 302.309.3(8)(a) and (b) RSMo, provides in part as follows:

  • Camera and GPS features required for ignition interlock devices (IIDs)
  • Eliminates the two year and three year “hard walk” prior to LDP eligibility
  • Eliminates requirement for criminal history checks for five and ten year denial LDP applications
  • Applicants must be “otherwise eligible” for an LDP. If ineligible, the person may apply to a DWI court.

If you don’t meet one of these requirements, there may still be additional options available to you for gaining a limited driving privilege. Our experienced DWI defense lawyers at Millikan Wright, LLC will evaluate your individual case to determine what qualifications you may meet in order to attain an LDP.

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