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Expanded Driving Privilege For MO Drivers

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Being arrested and convicted of driving while intoxicated can have a serious impact on your life. In many cases, your driving privileges will be revoked by the Department of Motor Vehicles and the court, preventing you from getting to your place of employment, important appointments, and even being able to drive your children. Luckily, someone that does not have their current driving privileges does not need to despair. The court allows for those with a DWI to apply for expanded driving privileges. The purpose of attaining an expanded driving privilege is to allow a person to drive to and from important places, such as work and school, without fear of penalty.

Living with a DWI conviction can be hard enough. Losing the right to drive only makes it even harder. When you have important responsibilities, you cannot afford to let a DWI prevent you from accessing your responsibilities. Schedule a free consultation with a former prosecuting attorney at Millikan Wright, LLC. When you have been arrested for a St. Louis DWI offense, you need an aggressive attorney by your side.

When can I drive after a DWI?

In Missouri law, Section 302.309.3(2) RSMo expands the privilege to drive when extenuating circumstances are involved. Under the LDP statute, limited privileges may be granted for the following purposes:

  1. Business, occupation or employment reasons
  2. To seek medical attention or treatment
  3. For the purpose of attending an educational institution
  4. The attendance of an alcohol or drug treatment
  5. Seeking the required services of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) provider
  6. Other circumstances found to create an undue hardship on operator

The “other circumstances” allows for the possibility of an operator to drive in situations where the inability to drive creates a serious problem for him or herself or their loved ones. Circumstances such as an individual who cares for a disabled child or elderly parent may be allowed to drive to and from the parent’s home and doctor’s appointments.

The request for an expanded limited driving privilege must be included in the LDP application submitted to the Department of Revenue. The request should set out specific locations that the operator is requesting to drive to and from. Upon providing proof that this is in fact a hardship, the Department of Revenue will likely grant the expansion of the limited permit to include the locations listed on the LDP application.

Working with a St. Louis DWI Defense Lawyer Can Help You

The best thing you can have on your side is impassioned and aggressive defense. The penalties for a DWI can be extremely harsh and long-lasting, solely aimed at punishing the offender. You do not deserve to have this difficult time be made any harder. When you work with Millikan Wright, LLC, you can be confident that our team is looking out for your best interests. Your life does not end with a DWI conviction, and we want to make sure that it has the smallest overall effect on your life as possible.

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