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Driver’s License Reinstatement in St. Louis

Let a DUI Defense Attorney Help You Drive in MO

Missouri SR-22 is a form for drivers that have been arrested and convicted of driving under the influence that helps to meet a requirement to reinstate a suspended or revoked driver license. The filling of a SR22 in St. Louis provides a guarantee to the Missouri Motor Vehicle & Drivers Licensing Department that:

  1. The insurance company has issued at least minimum liability coverage required by the State to the person filing the Missouri SR22 form.
  2. The insurance company will notify the Missouri Secretary of State if there is a lapse in coverage provided.

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Do I need a SR-22 form?

The SR-22 verifies that a driver that has their license revoked has the necessary car insurance needed to drive. This must be prepared by an insurance company and filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles, for five years following a DUI conviction.

Anyone who has a Missouri driver's license either suspended or revoked will need to file the SR22 form in order for the license to be reinstated. Driver's license suspensions and revocations can occur of a number of reasons, including:

Keep in mind that a driver that has their license suspended and is now seeking reinstatement may find themselves with a higher car insurance premium than other drivers. Filing a SR-22 is considered a red flag that indicated a driver may not be eligible for insurance discounts.

Millikan Wright, LLC, St. Louis Attorneys, Can Help!

St. Louis DWI attorneys can help you in filing the SR22 form. They have a long standing relationship with an insurance agency, the LaVigne Group, well versed with Missouri SR22 requirements as well as additional insurance impact from a DWI.

You can contact the LaVigne Group directly at:

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At Millikan Wright, LLC, our attorneys are not afraid to fight for your rights in court. From upholding your innocence against the prosecution to obtaining your license, you can be confident that our team is by your side every step of the way. Our firm lawyers have worked as former law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys, making us intimately familiar with the numerous ways that the law can be used against you.

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