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St. Louis Drug Crimes Lawyer

Aggressively Fighting Drug Crime Charges in Missouri

No matter the nature of your drug crime, you should seek out the help of our experienced attorneys in order to protect your individual rights. Missouri does not take drug crimes lightly, and law enforcement will do everything in their power to secure a guilty charge for you. When you are arrested, law enforcement officers must inform you of your constitutional rights, but they do not explain them to you.

Our St. Louis criminal defense attorneys at Millikan Wright, LLC can explain your rights to you and how we will dedicate our efforts to protect them. We want you to understand the circumstances concerning your case, and we can inform you of your legal options every step of the way. With over 50 years of combined legal experience, you can be confident that our drug crime defense attorneys can offer your case the care and exception it deserves.

We handle all types of drug cases in St. Louis, including those that involve:

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How the Uniform Controlled Substances Act Affects You

Regardless of the quantity of drugs you are accused of being in possession of, drug charges can have a permanent consequence on your record. Some drugs will carrier harsher penalties than others based upon their classification under the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

The Uniform Controlled Substances Act sorts drugs according to their accepted medical use and their potential for abuse. Depending on where the drug falls in this classification, the difference in the penalties that you may be facing:

  • Schedule I: High potential for abuse with no accepted medical use.
  • Schedule II: High potential for abuse with restricted medical use.
  • Schedule III: Potential for low physical and high psychological dependence with accepted medical use.
  • Schedule IV: Light potential for abuse with accepted medical use.

Drugs such as heroin are considered a Schedule I substance while painkillers that are prescribed by a medical professional may be a Schedule IV substance.

Understanding Drug Distribution Charges

If enough evidence has been gathered to link you to the distribution or selling of illegal drugs, you could be facing serious charges with big consequences. The prosecutor of your case has the task of using the evidence in your case to link you to such activities. If convicted, the consequences of a distribution charge, or of any other drug crime, can have lifelong repercussions that could prevent you from obtaining future employment, loans or educational opportunities.

Evidence that can be used to link your drug crime charge to distribution can include:

  • Large amount of drugs and/or cash
  • Evidence of scales or baggies
  • Specific location of your arrest
  • Testimonies of drug trade experts

Have you been charged with drug possession?

When facing drug possession charges, our experienced St. Louis criminal defense attorneys can help you understand everything including the consequences, your rights, and how we can fight for you. We examine each case, paying special attention to all of the details. We also look at every angle carefully to build you the strongest case.

In Missouri, possession is taken very seriously. A possession charge can pertain to multiple controlled substances including marijuana, methamphetamine and prescription drugs. In St. Louis, there may be ways to lessen the penalties of a marijuana possession charge if it was fewer than 35 grams.

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