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Parole vs. Probation

When considering parole vs. probation, many people think it means the same thing. In reality, while related, they mean very different things.

Probation is normally given in lesser crimes and is a sentence handed out by a judge in lieu of prison time, or it may be given in addition to a prison sentence, as a way of extending the punishment after the prison term. A person on probation is normally under the supervision of a probation officer and other rules, depending on the severity of the offense.

Parole is a privilege, a conditional release granted to inmates that have served a portion of their sentence. Often granted for good behavior, parole is normally granted by a board of parole. Paroles are conditional and parolees are required by law to report on a regular basis to their parole officer. If these conditions are violated, the parole will be revoked, and the parole violator will be imprisoned.

Conditions of parole include the following:

  • All federal and state laws must be obeyed. Any arrests that may occur must be reported within 48 hours.
  • Permission of the parole officer must be obtained to travel out of the area.
  • Permission of the parole officer must be obtained before any change in residency occurs.
  • Approved employment or involvement in a specific program must be maintained. Permission must be obtained to quit employment. Should you be fired, your parole officer must be notified within 48 hours.
  • Association with another person convicted of a felony or misdemeanor is not allowed.
  • The possession, use or sale of any illegal controlled substance is not allowed.
  • The possession, use or sale of any firearm, ammunition or explosive device is not allowed.
  • Regular reporting to your parole officer must be maintained as directed.
  • All monthly intervention fees must be paid on time.
  • Must be in compliance with any other special conditions placed on your parole. Some of these special conditions include: no alcoholic beverages, completion of a treatment program, and the payment of court costs or restitution.

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