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Burglary is often confused and misunderstood by most people and is often interchanged with robbery or theft. However, burglary, robbery and theft are all separate matters. While most people think of burglary as a crime involving a person's home, it can occur in any building or just about any type inhabitable structure (even a railroad car or aircraft).

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What is burglary?

Burglary occurs when a person knowingly enters unlawfully or knowingly remains unlawfully in a building or inhabitable structure for the purpose of committing theft. Important is the intent to commit a theft crime.

If a person enters a building without the intent of theft or committing the act of theft, he or she has committed criminal trespass, not burglary. If that person does commit or intends to commit theft, the criminal trespass becomes a burglary. The person may then be charged with burglary as well as theft.

All burglaries are felony crimes and carry severe punishments. In the example above, the person will likely be charged with burglary as well as either misdemeanor theft or felony theft, depending on the value of the property or services stolen.

In Missouri, burglary has two degrees of severity:

  • Burglary, Second Degree: Second degree burglary is committed when an individual knowingly and unlawfully enters or remains in a building or inhabitable structure with the intent of committing a criminal offense. Burglary in the second degree is a class C felony in the state of Missouri.
  • Burglary, First Degree: First degree burglary is committed when an individual commits the crime of second degree burglary while armed with a weapon; threatens or causes injury to another person during commission of the crime; or another person is present in the building or structure during commission of the crime. Burglary in the first degree is a class B felony in the state of Missouri.

Therefore, many of the defenses aimed at those accused of burglary involve the intent to commit a theft crime and whether they knowingly entered or remained in a building unlawfully. There is no tailor-made solution to defending against a burglary charge, and working with a criminal defense attorney can help defend you from these allegations.

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