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Shoulder Dystocia Attorneys in St. Louis

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Shoulder dystocia can be one of the scariest moments for would-be parents during childbirth. In a normal delivery, after the head emerges, the rest of the baby will soon follow amidst jubilation, and cheers. Imagine the confusion and fear if the baby's neck were to suddenly slip back into the mother, causing the baby's cheeks to puff up. This happens because the baby's anterior (front) shoulder has lodged on the mother's pubic bone. If this situation is not quickly addressed and remedied, this could spell imminent danger for the baby and the mother.

If your child was affected by shoulder dystocia during birth, it would be wise to speak with a St. Louis attorney familiar with medical malpractice and how you may be eligible to take action at this time. Your baby should not suffer at the hands of a negligent medical professional! We can help you recover compensation to cover their medical expenses and pain and suffering at this time.

How Can My Child Develop Shoulder Dystocia?

During a normal vaginal delivery, the soft bones of a baby's head can mold and overlap to fit through the mother's pelvis. The baby's shoulders will then follow at an angle which gives the baby enough room to descend. If the baby's shoulders were straight instead of at an angle, the baby may not have enough room and may get caught on the mother's pubic bone.

Risk factors that can result in shoulder dystocia:

  • A previous birth in which the baby developed shoulder dystocia
  • A large baby (especially if the mother has diabetes or gestational diabetes)
  • A baby with above-average birth weight (8lb 13oz or more)
  • Small mothers or mothers with small pelvises
  • A second stage of labor lasting longer than 2 hours
  • Breech position births

Due to the advances in birth procedures, shoulder dystocia can be prevented by the obstetrician with minimal to no injury to the baby.

Fight Back With St. Louis Malpractice Attorneys

There are some steps and practices a doctor can employ when your child has suffered from shoulder dystocia during childbirth. Doctors can perform some maneuvers depending on the needs of the mother and the infant to free the shoulder and perform a successful delivery. In addition, both infant and mother should be monitored to ensure that the baby is breathing on its own, has not suffered a broken bone or fracture, or has suffered a brachial plexus injury, and that the mother has not suffered a hemorrhage.

Speaking with a St. Louis birth injury lawyer at Millikan Wright, LLC can help you discover your next best steps and whether you have a case against the medical provider that took care of you during your pregnancy and delivery. Get started with a free consultation!

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