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Laparoscopic Surgery Complications

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Over the years, laparoscopic surgery has gained in popularity with not just patients, but with insurance companies as well. This popularity was gained as a result of the many benefits of laparoscopic surgery such as a shorter recovery time and hospital stay and the lack of a visible incision. While the benefits of laparoscopic surgery make it a very popular choice when facing surgery, it must be noted that laparoscopic surgery is much more surgically demanding for the surgeon. That being said, the selection of the laparoscopic surgeon must be done with care. Also, there are risks associated with laparoscopic surgery that are unique to laparoscopic surgery, and may not be risks if the same procedure was done via traditional open general surgery.

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Complications Associated With Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery was initially developed by gynecologists in the 1960s. Used as a diagnostic tool, laparoscopic surgery eventually evolved to include minor surgical procedures, including fertility surgery. In the last five years, laparoscopic surgery has grown to include surgery of the appendix, colon, stomach, kidney and liver.

Like all surgical procedures, laparoscopic surgery is not without its risks. Following is a list of possible complications of laparoscopic surgery:

  • Infection
  • Weeping Peritoneum
  • Incisional Bowel Herniation
  • Gastro-Intestinal Tract Injury
  • Blood Bessel Injury.
  • Gas Embolism
  • Complications of the Distension Medium
  • Injury to Vessels in the Abdominal Wall
  • Injury to an Intra-Abdominal Vessel
  • Bowel Injury
  • Thermal Injury

There are some conditions that can increase the risk of suffering a complication from laparoscopic surgery. These include heart failure, respiratory illness, a distended bowel, additional laparoscopic surgeries, an existing cardiac disease, and old age.

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