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Wrong Site Surgery Lawyers in St. Louis

Did a Surgeon Cause Irreparable Harm?

Whenever someone undergoes surgery, there are many issues to consider, and many things that could potentially go disastrously wrong. Even under the best of circumstances, an oversight by the surgeon or hospital nursing staff could have dire consequences for the patient. According to the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, 4,000 wrong-site surgeries occur annually in the United States. This equates to one in 17,000 surgeries being performed on the wrong site. By definition, wrong site surgery encompasses surgeries done on the wrong organ or limb, at the wrong level of the spine, or even on the wrong patient.

These statistics are unacceptable. Your health, safety, and well-being should be the primary concern of the surgeon when you are under the knife. If you have been harmed during a wrong site surgical operation, you have the legal right to hold the negligent surgeon accountable. Speak with Millikan Wright, LLC in a free consultation to discuss your options.

What Can a Patient Do To Prevent a Wrong Site Surgery?

Once the patient is under general anesthesia, he or she is no longer able to monitor or voice any thoughts or concerns. Patients must proactively be involved in all aspects of his health and medical decision-making; especially when surgery is involved. Studies have shown that patients who are actively involved in the decision-making process relating to their care are more likely to have a favorable outcome. Some things a patient facing a surgery should remember:

  • Make sure you have spoken to your surgeon and you understand and agree to the surgery to be performed.
  • Make sure the surgery site is clearly marked with a permanent marker. The markings should be clear and should remove all doubt as to where the surgery will be performed. If you have any doubt or concern that the surgery site is not clear, be sure to speak up and address it with the surgeon before your surgery.
  • If any x-rays are used to identify the surgery site, make sure the x-rays films are yours and do not belong to another patient.
  • Ask for your surgery to be performed at a facility accredited by the JCAHO. This accreditation means that the facility has undergone rigorous on-site evaluation and is committed to national quality and safety standards.

Regardless of how rare a wrong-site surgery may be, if it happens to you, it is devastating and can have long term ramifications. During these times, you can rely on our firm to help you recover what you deserve. Call now to speak with a medical malpractice attorney in St. Louis that can help you with your case.

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