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Suing After a Car Accident

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Even after they've been injured in a car accident caused by someone else, some people are reluctant to sue the other driver. Why? Maybe it's because they feel sorry for the other driver, especially if they've been hurt too. It's OK to feel sorry for the other driver; however, that doesn't mean the innocent driver should suffer financially. After all, it's the other driver's insurance company which will eventually pay any compensation to the innocent driver, not the negligent driver personally.

What to do if I've been hit by an uninsured driver?

If the negligent driver doesn't have insurance, not only is he personally responsible for the medical bills, car repair bills, etc. for the innocent driver, he has broken the law and will face the consequences. While empathy is an admirable trait in many instances, injured drivers owe it to themselves and their loved ones to protect themselves financially and if necessary, sue the other driver after a car accident they have not caused.

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Of course, you can't sue other people on your own; you need the counsel and skill of experienced trial attorneys - like the lawyers at Millikan Wright, LLC in St. Louis. Brian Millikan and his team have successfully negotiated with and sued hundreds of insurance companies and will fight hard for the rights of drivers injured in car accidents.

The other driver and his insurance company aren't the only entities who should pay after an injury accident. In certain circumstances, the injured driver's own insurance company should also pay. However, many times innocent drivers will be forced to sue to make that happen. It's unfortunate, but sometimes a lawsuit is necessary to get a driver's own insurance company to do what's right.

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