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Have you been hurt due to the dangerous conditions on a commercial or residential property that does not belong to you? If so, you may have the grounds to pursue a premises liability claim. These injury suits hold the owners of these properties accountable for the dangerous conditions that should have addressed or known about prior to any injury occurring.

At Millikan Wright, LLC, our dedicated team of St. Louis injury attorneys have more than half a century of legal experience. We know what it takes to document these claims and take decisive legal action against those responsible-- even if they are a large, commercial entity. If you believe that you have a claim, we are ready to hear your story and start assessing your legal options during this difficult time.

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How Premises Liability Suits Work

In the state of Missouri (and most other states, as well), property owners owe something called "duty of care" to welcome visitors to their property. This duty of care means that they must a) provide safe conditions for visitors, b) warn visitors of any existing conditions that could be hazardous, and c) address any newly discovered dangerous conditions in a timely manner. Common locations involved with these suits include retail stores, supermarkets, event venues, parking structures, and residential complexes.

Common examples of premises liability cases involve:

  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Dog bites
  • Lack of security
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Toxic exposures (lead paint, etc.)
  • Any defective conditions on a premises leading to injury

In these cases, the burden is on the plaintiff (the injured party) to prove that they were owed duty of care and that the property owner's inability to provide it directly contributed to an injury. At our firm, we are well-versed in providing this kind of investigative diligence. We are prepared to document a scene, speak to witnesses, and even consult with experts to ensure that the circumstances of your avoidable injury are compellingly put forth before the law.

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